Dr. Wayne Temple’s New Book On Lincoln’s Surgeons At His Assassination

For months I have been waiting for Dr. Temple’s book on LINCOLN’S SURGEONS AT HIS ASSASSINATION to be published. Doris Wenzel, owner of Mayhaven Publishing, Inc., located in Mahomet, Illinois, now has the book for sale. Doris has published several other books by Dr. Temple, and they all are quality publications. I assume you can also order the book on Amazon or through the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop. I received my copy of the book one afternoon, and I had it read by the next afternoon. I didn’t get much done that day but read, but it was time well spent. I don’t know how Doc finds out all of the information on the Lincoln subjects he writes about. I have known Dr. Temple for years, and I don’t believe he spends much time on the computer. His knowledge about Lincoln never fails to amaze me. I know you will enjoy this book.

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